Analysing forex statistics

April 25, 2010

When you become familiar with how the forex market works , and understand what is influencing forex market .You will start to learn the trend on the forex market .

Nobody will tell you the exact time to do the next move on the market , but you can learn the trend by reading , analyzing and understanding the the statistics.

The people who never do forex trading think it is like gambling . In fact , you have to take risk to make profit on the forex market , but we can control and reduce the risk when we can read , analyzing and understanding the statistics . The statistics tell you what position you are in now and what have happened over the past days , weeks , months , years and what will happen next . What you need to do is to learn the pattern and follow it .

There are several ways you can get the statistics.

  1. Traing companies . They moniter the market years and years , and they have the largest and most comprehensive information.
  2. Experienced traders . They have theire own ways to get the information.
  3. Forex sytems and platforms . You can easily get the charts by entering several parameters in the system.

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